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Poros is the island of peace, romance and jauntiness.

It is overgrown with pine trees which reach the rugged shores or the sandy beaches. The residents of Poros are like all islands, spontaneous, decent and hospitable.At the center of town you can find the archaeological museum, the library, reception rooms, and on the beach there’s an open air cinema. The houses by the sea are big
and neoclassical in contrast to the simple two – floored houses in Brinia, Mylos, Pounta and Kasteli.

Poros by boat its Historic Clock is imposing from the distance on the highest top of the hill, among prickly pears and pine trees.

According to the ancient travel – writer Pausania Poros is comprised of two islands Sphairia and Kalavria (the name Kalavria means “gentle Breeze”). Kalavria at first was offered to the god Apollo and he made it over to the god Poseidon in return for Delphi. Kalavria is quite larger than Sphairia and is planted all over. Sphairia is a volcanic rock. In mythology times Aithra founded in Sphairia the temple of Athena Apatoria in honor of her encounter with the god Poseidon. In the north part of the island there are the ruins of Poseidon’s Temple, which was built in 520BC. The main Temple was built in Doric style, though some of its columns were Ionian.

Nearly the Temple there was the built up area of Kalavria. Such was the place’s importance that it functioned as the center for the Amphictyonic League, a voluntary “cooperative” of city-states in both civil and religious matters, which included Hermione, Epidauros, Aigina, Prassies, Athens and Orhomenos.